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In order to meet various requirements, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and motors/drivers in equipment have been connected by various ways such as controlling with pulse train, digital I/O, and field bus network.
We have developed products that can be connected to three control systems. They can be connected to I/O device and Modbus RTU network. And they can also be connected to other field bus network through a Network Converter (our gateway product). The products can be flexibly connected to a host PLC and allow customers to select system depending on their needs. We call this concept FLEX. Since some of FLEX products have a positioning function, positioning units of host PLC can be omitted and costs of equipment can be reduced.
The FLEX products allow customers to reduce costs and time for developing equipment by using each merit of three control systems.
We introduce the merit of each control system and the FLEX products in the way using keywords of "cost reduction" and "saving time for developing equipment ".




Inverter control and phase control have been known as the techniques for the variable speed control of induction motors.
Phase control has many merits such as small size, low cost, noiseless, etc., and our company has put many of those products on the market. In developing the MSC-1 speed controller, phase control, which historically had been using analog control, was designed with a microprocessor. This resulted in an improvement in the characteristics and expanded the available functions. Moreover, the MSC-1 can be powered wide voltage of AC100V~230V.
This paper explains the phase control technology adopted for the MSC-1, and the new functions.




The function of controlling position or speed is required for motors today, and the usage of two or more components (motor, driver and/or controller) has increased. Meanwhile, a product called all-in-one motor which unifies a motor and a circuit was proposed, and it has become quite popular in Europe and America. Primitive motors had only one single component, the motor with no controller. We reviewed motors today with separated components and considered what the ideal motor should be in each categorized customer application. Therefore we developed three kinds of all-in-one motors with different features. They are the closed-loop controlled stepping motor "αSTEP-One" with a program function, the 5-phase stepping motor "PKA Series" for a built in use, and the AC input brushless motor "BLA Series" that can be fully operated on the back side of the motor.
Here, we introduce the background of developments and the merits of these three kinds of all-in-one motors, the technology behind the countermeasures against heat when combing motor and driver, and the features of each product.




In recent years, the power generation equipment by natural energy such as solar and wind power, etc., and the electric chargers for electric vehicles have been quickly increasing in number. Since this type of equipment is used in a severe temperature and humidity environment, we expect the need for temperature control in low temperature environment and problems such as dew condensation due to the extreme temperature change.
To address these problems, we have expanded our thermal management products. For example we have introduced a cooling fan with a wider operating temperature range, and a heating module to prevent dew condensation, etc.. From the viewpoint of the thermal management, our goal is to totally improve the temperature and humidity conditions.
Here, we introduce the cooling fan design considerations and test results. Furthermore, we show examples of the temperature and humidity management using a heating module and a temperature switch, etc.




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