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高出力・DC電源入力ブラシレスモーターユニット BLVシリーズの開発(全6ページ)


ブラシレスモーターは小型、高効率で速度制御が可能なモーターです。近年はBCP(Business Continuity Plan)の観点からバッテリ電源(DC電源)でブラシレスモーターを駆動する用途が増えています。またAGV(Automated Guided Vehicle)に多く採用されており、積載量の増大に伴いモーター出力の大型化が求められています。

A brushless motor is a compact, highly-efficient, and speed-controllable motor. In recent years, the applications that drive a brushless motor with a battery power supply (DC power supply) from the viewpoint of BCP (Business Continuity Plan) have been increasing.
Moreover, battery power has often been adopted for AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle), and the motor output has been requested to get larger with an increase of the load capacity. This article introduces the characteristics of the brushless motor and driver package "BLV Series" that has achieved a high output power (200W・400W) with DC power input. It has characteristics suitable for a drive with battery power supply, and is equipped functions for the usage of various purposes.

モーター安全規格 UL1004シリーズの改正と当社の対応(全4ページ)



UL1004 and UL2111 of the UL standards for the motors have been revised. As well as the content of requirements were changed, the standards system and the certification categories have been greatly changed according to the types of motors. With the revision, we have also implemented the revisional applications for our motors as needed. Although there has been little influence on the end equipment associated with it, no such influence that will require a reappraisal.
This article introduces the changes and the influences related to our motors, and our actions to the newly enacted Series standards.




A hybrid stepping motor is a motor that has axial flux and generates a field using small teeth facing the gap. One advantage of these types of motors is the ability to achieve high-synchronous stability without any feedback devices because of multiple poles (normally 100 poles). However, the iron losses get larger as the frequency increases. Previous works of magnetic field analyses for hybrid stepping motors are extremely rare because the three-dimensional (3D) magnetic pathways and narrow gap widths (less than 0.1mm) are difficult to analyze. Estimating the motor constants from the geometry is also difficult.
This paper will outline the characteristics of stepping motors, compare the results from examples of a 3D magnetic field analysis with the results from actual stepping motors, define the difficulties when performing analyses, and describe the requirements to perform highly accurate analyses.



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